Long Point Beach Club Vacation Condominiums WORK FOR BUSINESS 

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Employee Loyalty Reward

Consider a week's vacation as a reward for someone who has shown incredible dedication to your business and an outstanding work ethic. Sometimes there is a long-term employee who feels like family and is about to retire. A stay at your Vacation Condominium at Long Point Beach Club would be a generous and much-appreciated gift.

Client Appreciation

Build strong relationships by offering select clients the opportunity to enter a draw to win a week's vacation at your Vacation Condominium in your private club. Or, if you have a long-time client who has stood by you through thick and thin, a week away in your private suite would be the ultimate "Thank You."

Sales/Staff Incentive

Develop an exciting incentive program by offering staff the opportunity to earn a week's vacation in your Vacation Condominium! Their day-to-day efforts on your behalf take on a little extra excitement with such an enticing incentive.

Marketing & Advertising Program

Create an effective marketing or advertising campaign by offering customers the opportunity to enter a draw to win a week's vacation at a private club. Because Long Point Beach Club is the perfect place for people of all ages, you can target your campaign to any demographic.

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