The most exciting thing about Long Point Beach Club is the convenient and relaxing location. There’s no north-bound cottage traffic to contend with, and the nature is unbelievable – we especially enjoy the birds that are native to Long Point.

Long Point Beach Club is a great get away because it is easy to get to, has a beautiful private beach and is right on the water. Everything is taken care of for us. Being able to get there quickly means that we spend less time on the road and more time enjoying our vacation.

When I’m visiting Long Point Beach Club I love to hike and fish – spending time in the natural beauty of Long Point is very relaxing. The atmosphere is inviting and social, but you can choose to spend quiet time if you want to as well. Your vacation is whatever you make it.
— Alex, LPBC member
Long Point Beach Club provides my family a weekend getaway that is maintenance-free. This allows us to enjoy the breath-taking atmosphere of the sparkling lake from our balcony, have fun on our stand-up paddle boards, or race around on Sea-Doo’s. The Beach Club is a relaxing getaway where our busy family can come together to rejuvenate and reconnect.
— Missy, LPBC member
Long Point is a special place for many reasons, and the Long Point Beach Club is a magnificent addition to the community. The facility is top notch, from the million dollar view to the ultra-comfortable beds. The owners and staff make you feel wanted and appreciated. It is a comfortable and special place to be. My family chose to become members of the club because we feel it is the perfect place for us to spend more quality time together,something that is very important to us.
— Dave & Christy, LPBC members
My family and I have really been enjoying time spent at the Long Point Beach Club this summer. Our villa is lovely and the view of the lake is beautiful! Very nice to have the private beach and rooftop terrace (which also has a beautiful view) to spend time with family and friends. We love that it’s only an hour drive from home, which means no sitting in cottage country traffic for hours! Looking forward to being back soon!
— Jen, LPBC member
My girlfriend and I stayed at Long Point Beach Club for an early September weekend. We had a wonderful experience together observing the Perseid meteor shower by the shore, and roaring through the waters with the pontoon boat. I recommend anyone to take their loving partner to check out LPBC for an awesome time.
— John, LPBC guest

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